August’s CHARITY

This month’s donation will be made to  Rainforest Alliance, a group that promotes sustainability in farming, trade, tourism and areas of finance.

Jambo Writings


Jambo now has original, organic cotton made T-shirts for sale (2000 yen) with this design on the back and “JAMBO INTERNATIONAL INC. have fun doing good” on the front. We currently have S, M and L sizes. Contact David if you want one.


Jambo Network

Jambo International Logo

JAMBO International carries out a variety of fun activities for Japanese and non-Japanese, and through these activities, provides support for the less fortunate or for environmental protection groups.

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Jambo Volunteers Logo

Jambo Volunteer Network is a growing community of people who are looking for volunteer activities where they can contribute their unique skills, talents and enthusiasm.

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Jambo School Logo

JAMBO School is a place for adults to learn real-world, useful English in a friendly, classroom atmosphere.

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