People of JAMBO

David Howenstein – Founder (in 1996) and Director of Jambo International Center. David is originally from St. Louis, MO (USA) and first came to Japan in 1983, working in Nagasaki. “JAMBO is simply my way of giving back all the love and goodness which has been so freely given to me – first with my parents and now with my the good people here in Japan.”

JAMBO Leader

Nori Funabashi – Organizer of the JAMBO Live Houses (held several times per year) and one of JAMBO’s translators. Nori also is the volunteer coordinator for Kobako no Kai, a group for the visually impaired. He gathers most of his volunteers from the JAMBO network.

JAMBO LIVE organizertranslator

Jeff Harryman – Developer of the JAMBO Facebook. Currently resides in Germany, but gets back to Japan a few months per year and takes part in almost all of JAMBO’s events when he’s there. A very enthusiastic supporter!

Facebook page maintainerNPO registration

Yasuhiro Suminoe – それではまたジャンボでお会いしましょう、アルバムもまだまだ作り続けます。
photo album maker

Leszek Rybicki – Originally from Toruń, Poland, came to Japan as a researcher in graduate school. Joined JAMBO in late 2008 and volunteered to help with the JAMBO Home Page (this page). His duties for JAMBO include climbing trees and running for various reasons (or for no reason). Dreams of becoming a regular JAMBO leader.

home page maker

Junko Takahama-Maeda – こんにちは!ジャンボのイベントでお会いできるのを楽しみにしています!


小滝伶美 – こんにちは、伶美です。私は日本の高校生で、ゲームとアニメと漫画


Asako Takio – JAMBOボランティア翻訳者/不定期参加者。大阪出身・東京在住。在米歴13年。JAMBOハイクに参加して日々のストレスを解消。「アウトド ア大好 き!ハイキング、ウォーキング、ランニング、釣り、キャンプ、スノーボード、その他なんでも。みんなでレッツゴー!(^-^)/」